THE FINNSTITUTE   Homeschool Enrichment Program for School Age Children

The Finnstitute  is pleased to announce  our 1, 2, or 3 day enrichment program for Homeschoolers.  We will augment and supplement Homeschooling work through an exciting and varied curriculum that meets the many interests and creatively challenges the many capacities of the school age students.
Here’s a sample of some of our past curriculum:
Hands-on Alternative Energy Projects
Poetry, Past and Present
Creative Writing
Renaissance/ Art History
Middle Ages, Castles and Calligraphy
Botany/Nature study/Ornithology
Speech and Drama, Street Theater Troupe
Fine Art-Woodcuts, Linocuts, Atelier Drawing Methods
American History through Folk Music
Exploring N.Y. State; History Trips.
Community Service Projects

1 Response to Curriculum

  1. Fran says:

    Is it possible to enroll my 11 year old at this point in the year? Please let me know because this sounds awesome.

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