Class Notes, November 2013

In our study of geodesic domes, we studied the tetrahedron and constructed one out of card stock. The incredible strength and simplicity impressed them.  We then moved on to the octahedron, and the eventual icosahedron. In further studies we used our compasses to create the Almond of overlapping circles; using these skills we explored and carefully constructed with compass and ruler the harmonic structure of the musical string. We found the full tone (C) the octave, 1/2, (C), the fifth, 2/3, (G), and the fourth, 3/4, (F); all using compass almonds and ruler. The children worked assiduously and enthusiastically.

In our reading and acting out of the stories from the Sun Dance Movement, (which swept through the Plains Tribes at the end of the 1800’s) we found many characters, animal and human that children frantically waved their hands to be chosen to be. These vision quest stories resonate with the children. We’ve also drawn, with great care and colorfully, the dramatic geometric shields of these teachings.

Interestingly, concurrently I began reading some anthologies of Russian Tales and they are so fantastic, down to earth and magically understandable; quite more like the Native American stories we’ve been living with than the European Folklore; and the children love them.

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