Class Notes, April 25, 2013

I’m so proud of the beautiful, careful, exacting work the children are doing in their Geometry books: the Proof of Pythagorus’ Theorem using square tiles and area, the Pythagorean Proof using equal right triangles in two irregular pentagons, the complex, dramatic 6 and 12 division of a circle and connected chords, the graceful, spinning-in-frozen-math-time Spiral of Archimedes, the exquisite, organically-precise Geometry of a Trillium in three circles describing equilateral triangles, (which leads us into botany and the geometry of wildflowers, which we’ll be pursuing outside in May). The level of improvement in facility and hand-eye coordination using ruler and pencil, colored pencil, and compass, has been remarkable to observe. I’m glad I persevered in these satisfying endeavors (many of the children didn’t break for lunch for a while, mesmerized by their work) in spite of early challenges. They worked hard, overcame setbacks with my help, and I praise them.

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