Class Notes, November 18, 2012

 We finished up our current session in Botany with the Rose Family, a wonderful grouping of species that include our dear friends the cherry trees and the apple trees.With that in mind I would like us to visit the Cornell Orchards right down the street from FOL.  That study inspired me to teach the students A.E. Housman’s ” Loveliest of Trees “. We’ve also worked on ” Sea Fever ” by John Masefield and ” Silver ” by Walter De La Mare. The children are working together more and more confidently and capably in two, three and four part rounds on the recorder.
 We’ve been looking at the 360 degrees of a circle, and angles in general. Point out right angles, 45 degree angles, 60 degree angles, 30,60 90 triangles, right triangles, obtuse and acute angles wherever you see them in your home or travels. That will make them part of the children’s understanding and less abstract.
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