Class Notes February 12, 2011

   Using compasses and rulers we carefully attempted logarithmic spirals, and then with diminishing radii, we drew the spiral of Archimedes. We did word drills using two letter, three letter, four letter, etc. words in fixed times. I taught them some tricks involving rope, mind-reading and paperclips.
   We discussed, diagramed and drew some basic principles of landscape art: we discussed Foreground – high chroma intensity, high detail, high value contrast, Middle ground – medium chroma, medium detail, medium contrast, and Background – low chroma muted detail, muted contrast. We also discussed the color warmth to coolness progression of color from foreground to background.
   The children worked very assiduously, using drills, miter boxes, saws, rasps, hammers, etc., on their Suspension bridge models. We will take the children to see this prototype this week – it’s the right time in the process to reinvest it with a real reference. This project-oriented learning is a very busy , active, noisy, engaged, and healthy time for the students.
   We continued to discuss revolution as a historical event, and examine the similarities and peculiarities of the revolution in Egypt. We read the memorable opening pages of Tale of Two Cities, by  Charles Dickens.  We began reading and rehearsing a play about Osiris and Isis, a compelling play based on the incredible Egyptian Myth that still resonates in the cultural life of that nation.

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