Class Notes January 13, 2011

Our week began with a trip to the Cornell Suspension Bridge to study the physics of suspension. Then, in honor of our studies in zoology, we went to the Lab of Ornithology Sound Studio, where we spent a wonderful time listening to many birds, mammals, and marine animals, studying their sound prints, and experimenting with sound. We were invited to join the Feeder Watch program whereby we monitor catalog and record our bird sightings with others at the Lab via computer. The following day we explored different kinds of feeders we could make as a class. We also worked together on a plan to make some models of the suspension bridge in class.
   Tia brought her lovely, mild-mannered white pygmy goat and shared with us how she cares and feeds for her. Thank you Tia . We enjoyed the playground and the little extra classroom during recess.
   Using a wonderfully descriptive poem by the early Irish poet James Stephens we created poems where the language was inside the experience and not external. As usual the students really focused and thought hard and wrote beautifully.
   Groups of three or four kids would arrange themselves in group poses which the rest of the class did gesture drawings of, and then the students tried to guess what the poses were illustrating. Thus drawing, acting, sculpting, and guessing games were combined into one lesson, which proved interesting and fun.

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